Escher Devlog #3 - Playtest Postmortem

This one is lighter on technical details than the last one - it's mostly focused on my thought process regarding level design, as well as the game design lessons I've learned from playtests.

Simon Anciaux,
I don't know why but the "castle" at the end made me want to play this even more.
You can expect a lot more like that in the final game. I'm going light on the art and worldbuilding for now because I want to get the puzzle mechanics nailed down solid first, but there are some fun set pieces planned.
Neo Ar,
The game idea of Escher is one of those great ideas that is like "how has this not already been made???" That's my highest of compliments because I find the greatest ideas are the ones that seem obvious in retrospect - a sign of genius! I gave devlog 3 a watch and it looks like your game is coming along well. Keep up the great work and I'm sure this game will end up a masterpiece. Take your time, explore the design space deeply and flesh out a ton of puzzles (but no more than necessary, of the highest quality), continue taking feedback, and polish polish polish :)